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Ultraman Australia Competitor Lani Bullen

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Ultraman Australia Competitor Lani Bullen

We are super excited to introduce Lani Bullen our red Thrive Endurance athletes taking on Ultraman 2022. Lani is our newest team member joining 4 months ago once she moved into to her Ultraman specific training block.

Why UM ?

I watched my little sister battle Cystic Fibrosis growing up and seeing her each day having to overcome so many obstacles made me so determined to make the most of my health and always strive to push that little harder and dig that little deeper. Sadly she lost her battle at 16 years old but this just ignited my fire to make the most of my health and time! UM to me is the pinnacle of endurance and really getting to dig mentally and physically deep. And show what our bodies are truly capable of.

Why Thrive Endurance ?

I needed some more balance with my training. I was at a point of constant burnout and missing sessions. Another Thriver had mentioned Thrive Endurance to me and knowing Jason has done Ultraman before I knew he had great knowledge and insight into training.


Favorite Sessions ?

I'm a pretty good swimmer but i have loved the technique based sessions and getting back to some basics. Ive seen an improvement in my swimming already and really enjoy the sessions


What has surprised you about the training?