BIke Strength Stage 1 Plan Big Gear

Author: Thrive Endurance

Length: 6 Weeks

Tags: cycling, indoor, intermediate, advanced, masters, power based, strength, base period

Typical Week: 3 Bike

Longest Workout:
2:00 hrs

This is a great strength progression for those looking for a big change in power output. Its focused slowly on making you stronger. Its awesome progression to be completed early in your based period to develop max strength foundation. This is best done on a trainer but also can be done on a hill to keep output high and cadence low. If time restricted, you can do the same plan but reduce the sets by 1. Its all about the max effort so don't waste your energy when you should be recovering between sets. Hope you enjoy the power pain and we see some Thriving results in 6 weeks time.

Original Price: $60

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