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Best Triathlon Coaches

Best Triathlon Coaches


Triathlon Coaches Head Coach Jason Shields

Triathlon Head Coach Jason Shields

Coaching Philosophy For Triathlon

Over the 10 years as a Triathlon coach, I have been involved in triathlon, I have seen many athletes come and go due to injury and burnout, all with plenty of motivation and big dreams. My philosophy is to work with the athlete and teach them that the old school NO PAIN NO GAIN training is a thing of the past.

My mission is to help athletes learn how to become fit as well as stay healthy for a sustainable future in the sport. There is no quick fix or short cuts to success. You will only get out of the sport what you put in. Take the time, set the foundation from the start and reap the rewards in the future years to come.

If Your Dreams Don't Scare you, They are not big enough

Jason Shields

What do you Love about the Sport? 

Ever since the day I retired from footy and entered my first team in triathlon, I have fallen in love with the sport. I love the challenges the sport brings in racing and training. I can’t imagine ever doing anything different and now I’m lucky enough as a coach to see the same passion and love for the sport in my athletes.

What inspires you?

Ever since starting the sport, I have had the motto, if your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough. This is what inspires me every day to do what I do, no matter how big the goal or challenge I set is. Anything really is possible if you can just convince your mind to believe it.

Athletic Achievements

Ultraman Australia 2018 2nd overall 

Hawaii Ironman World Championships 2013,2014,2016

ITU World Championship Olympic Distance 2018

ITU World Championship Sprint Distance 2018

Cairns IM 2014 winner

Gatorade Series winner 35-39 5th A/G

Victorian State Series winner 2015/16 35-39

35-39 3 x IM podium finishes Multiple 70.3 podium finishes

UM fastest time 21:48:00

IM fastest time 8:57:00

70.3 fastest time 4:13:00

OD fastest time 2:00:35

Sprint distance fastest time 59:20

Triathlon Coach Chris Pye

Coaching Philosophy For Triathlon 

I believe that nothing separates us from our dreams but work, sometimes hard work, sometimes smart work. The personal challenge is what drew me into endurance sports.

Everyone can find their own personal challenge at their own level. With patience and guidance, the journey from beginner to an experienced athlete or from middle pack to the front can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. During my time in the sport I have traveled down the wrong
road at times and now share some of my hard-learned lessons with others. To allow athletes of all fitness levels to progress and work with their specific training needs.

Triathlon Coaches - Coach Chris Pye
Chris Pye

What do you Love about the Sport? 

The fastest pro to the slowest ager grouper all have same the battle, maybe on different scales but everyone out there competing shares a common pain, a common motivation and satisfaction.

Freshly Baked Muffins
What inspires you?

Usually Brunch, sometimes muffins.

Athletic Achievements

I once did a flip

Noosa Challenge Classic Winner 2021
Snowy Classic Winner 2022
Ultraman Australia 8th 2021
70.3 AG World Championships 2015
Rural Tri-Series winner  30-39 2014
Challenge Batemans Bay 4th 30-34 2015
Sprint fastest time 1.03
OD fastest time 2:05
70.3 fastest time 4:38

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