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Ultraman Australia 2024

Ultraman Australia 2024

Paul Giddings Testimonal

It's been 5 weeks since Ultraman Australia, but the amazing memories will last forever. Here’s a heartfelt testimonial from Paul Giddins, one of our dedicated 2024 athletes:

I engaged Jason as my coach starting January 2024 for Ultraman Australia. Jason is the first coach I have engaged to pull together a specific race training plan. I chose Jason because he has the event experience and could tailor something to my specific needs. I was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Jason listened to my doubts and fears and responded in such a way to make me feel good and on track; and it worked big time as I had the time of my life over the 3 Ultraman days. My biggest fear was the run because that was where my body and mind could break and I kept thinking I had not done enough and yet, 10 days out everything clicked and the 84k run on day 3 was a lot of fun.

Jason was extremely responsive to all my questions; our distance apart made zero difference. He is super friendly too and had 3 athletes train for and complete Ultraman Australia 2024 successfully. I recommend Jason and Thrive Endurance to everyone; whether a complete beginner or someone who thinks they know it all; Jason will help you achieve your endurance goals safely and successfully.

Thank you, Paul!  If you are up for the challenge, Ultraman Australia entries are open till the 14th of June, so don’t miss out! #UltramanAustralia #ThriveEndurance #EnduranceTraining #AthleteTestimonial #UnforgettableMemories

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