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ULTRAMAN an experience like no other

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Ultraman is an endurance event like no other we have experienced. Thrive Endurance has been lucky enough to be involved in this event for the last 5 years and cant believe how much we have grown to love it. If you are looking for a big race with 1000's of athletes where you are just a number this event isn't for you. With only 50 competitors, whether you are 1st place or last everyone gets the royal treatment. The next unique experience is your crew/support are part of your race. Rather than sitting on the side lines waiting for you to come past every hour or two. They are part of the race out on course providing your support all 3 days. Its the only time in a triathlon sport you actually feel like your part of a team and not only that, you rely on your team for you to succeed and get to the end of each day. Although Ultraman is a race, we believe it is actually the ultimate triathlon experience like no other. Its the only true individual test of your limits whether it's to win or just make the challenging cut off time each day nothing else will challenge the mind or body like Ultraman does.

Day 1

10 km swim

If you are ever going to swim 10 km I can tell you I couldn't imagine a much nicer place than Noosa Main beach. The swim is in Laguna bay and is generally a relative calm water at that time of day. You get to have your own mobile aid station with support from a surf ski or a kayak. Don't be surprised if you get to see a dolphin pop up beside you to distract you from the epic 10 km swim.

145 km Bike

If you love nice flat smooth fast roads crammed with 1000s of bike this course might not be for you. The first thing you notice with a 10km swim and only 50 competitors is you are exiting T2 alone to start your truly individual time trial. With around 1400m of elevation and 3 x 1km 7%+ climbs on rolling country roads this is a extremely challenging but beautiful course.

Day 2

285 km Bike

Day 2 is started with a 5 km control start before the 50 bike peloton is released in Day1 bike time finishing order. The 1st 50km is nice and flat but if you think you are going to be riding around in a group your idea of this epic day is wrong. After the flat Boreen Point the real riding begins with over 220km and 2000m elevation of climbs and rolling road this makes for the most epic solo bike ride someone can do.

Day 3

84.2 km Run

Only a double marathon they say. If you are ever going to run a double marathon there wouldn't be too many nicer places to do it along the Sunshine Coast beach line. It is a full out and back course so you can truly tick off the 1 marathon at a time. The amazing part of this day is you get to do this run with your Crew. Once again if 84 km wasn't enough the course is far from flat with around 600m of elevation and with the accumulation of fatigue from the past 2 days you are really going to get to test the mind and the body to the extreme. The last 500m you get to run down Noosa Main beach with your crew and everyone gets the sense of finishing the ultimate triathlon experience you can ever imagine. We couldn't recommend this event highly enough. What are you waiting for take up the Challenge of a life time and create memories that will last forever.

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