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Thriving Race Results

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

The race season has come to life for the #thriveteam this weekend. We had Mountain bike Stage races, Noosa Multi Sport weekend, Murray Man 1/2 distance triathlon and the 4 Vine Marathon Festival. We had 9 representatives out on courses over 4 different states.

Hell Fire Cup 4 day Mountain Bike Race Tasmania

We had 2 teams take on this epic 4 day 8 stage event. The boys showing the way after a good solid training prep with Nathan and Hamish walking away with a second place result. Dean and Heath were very lucky just to make the start line after Heath's bike was broken in transit. I hear a special shout out goes out to MY RIDE Hobart for coming good with a bike to borrow for the weekend. Team of Nathan May and Hamish Patterson 2nd place vets male in 6:48:56

Team Dean Robinson and Heath Allen 7th place in masters male in 8:01:40

Noosa Multi Sport Weekend Olympic Distance

We had our girls take on this iconic Australian triathlon event. With a field of 8000 people it made for an amazing experience to be a part of. The weather gods were out to make it a challenging event with a rough open water swim and some very warm sunny conditions. Challenge was accepted by the #thriveteam and they did us proud.

Rebecca Cladingboel 2:28:00 6 th 30-34

Sarah Pye 2:51:33 24th 35-39

Murray Man 1/2 Distance Triathlon

Aaron, one of our South Australian based athletes who has been living the dream over winter with a massive 3 month training block at Thailand. After a lot of hard work he finally got to see the results on consistency and patience. Aaron is heading to Busselton in 3 weeks time and we are all excited to see what he can achieve for his first IM race

Aaron Buchan 4:51:00 8 th Open PB alert

4 Vines Running Festival

We had 2 1st runners taking the next step. Helen in her first Marathon run came home with the chocolates after a scare in taper week when she came down with a cold. Jack took on his first attempt at half marathon and as always showed his class.


Helen Reynolds 5:48:00

1/2 Marathon

Jack Smyth 1:34:00 8th open

Next weekend is going to be huge with a large group of athletes competing at Challenge Shepparton. Lets go guys its #timetothrive

Challenge Shepparton

ason Shields - 4:20:24 4th 40-44

Luke Barlow - 5:02:19

Rod Armstrong - 5:20:35

Blake Taverna - 5:22:47

Simon Mason 1st timer - 5:40:57

Rebecca Cladingboel 1st timer - 4:41:19 2nd 30-34

Fiona Cameron - 6:06:10

Challenge Shepparton Team

Thrive Chicks - 5:11:41

HSW - 5:21:05

Challenge Olympic

Jacob Collins 1st timer - 2:30:08 5th 30-34

Steve Loader - 2:41:03 4th 45-49

Wendy Mchugh - 2:25:19 1st 45-49

Laura Smithers-Shaw ?? - 2:35:20 4th 40-44

Kirsten Arthur - 2:41:50 3rd 35-39

Christine Trevaskis - 2:55:43 2nd 50-54

Challenge Sprint

Charlie White - 0:59:41 1st 40-44

Tom Hung 1st timer - 1:26:03 5th 30-34

Sharyn White - 1:25:04 2nd 40-44

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