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Thriving Race Results

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Thriving Race Results

Cairns Ironman we came we saw we Thrived

What an amazing weekend of racing Cairns IM put on this weekend. After 2 years of Covid restrictions it was awesome to see the event back as big as ever with over 4000 competitors taking on the festival. Thrive Endurance was well represented with 7 competitors taking on the event.

Thrive Endurance Race Results

In the full Ironman event we had 2 representatives Rebecca Cladingboel and Tom Ryan.

It was Bek's first attempt at the ironman distance. After success in 70.3 racing as well as Ultratrail running expectations were high. Bek started off the day with a great swim coming out of water on track.

On the bike she was going great when at the 70 km mark a kid at the aid station ran out in front her sending her over the bars. Bruised battered and bloodied she pulled herself back together and hopped back on the bike to realise she had snapped her base bar and broken off 1 of her brakes. Was this going to stop her ? (no way) she was back off on the hunt and finishing the bike in 7th place and nearly 20 min down.

We all know the race doesnt start to 21km into the run and this is when Bek started chipping away through the field. At 10 km to go she ran into 3rd position and was starting to real in the lead 2. In the end she ran out of road and claimed 3rd place and a Kona ticket to the big island.

We are so proud of you Bek and couldnt be more happy.

Tom Ryan is new to Thrive Endurance and only been on the program for last 6 months. Tom joined the program with a focus on impoving his Ironman run. Although Tom didn't have the race he exactly hoped for there were some really good signs we are on the right track. Race result are only 1 part of what we do and enjoying the journey to the start line sometimes is even more important for your health and future in the sport. Tom is enjoying training more than ever and that love and consistency is the key to future success. We cant wait to see what he delivers in the future.

Thrive Endurance Winners

In the 70.3 race we were well respresented with 5 members thriving.

Brett O'Neill after a period away from 70.3 racing has been going from strength to strength on the Thrive program. With his best result in a year yesterday and only missing out on a podium position by 2 seconds.

Sarah Leigh is another of our super mum's constantly trying to juggle training and family life.

Sarah is also new to the Thrive program and working her way back to some awesome form that she had in the past. Sarah is 1 to keep an eye on this girl has some amazing potential and will be back at the pointy end of the race soon.

Blake Taverna is nearly getting into Thrive Endurance legend status. Blake has been part of the team for over 4 years now and he still just keeps improving. Blake has had a stellar season and for this course although not a time PB I would say is probably the best of his 3 awesome results this season. We are so happy to see Blake still improving with age. Its show age is just a number and consistency is key to success.

Jason Shields was back racing at a race he loves. Jason had an extended period away from triathlon but is showing he has the fire in his belly to get back to the top. We can't wait to see Jason back doing what he has loved doing for so long.

Sharon Andronaco had her 1st race back after so many set back in the last 12 months. This race for her was all just about getting back out and having fun. She might say it hurt and didn't feel so fun, but the emotion at the finish line showed how much she loves this sport.

Thrive Endurance Member Running

Cairns Ironman

Rebecca Cladingboel 10:32:08 3rd 35-39

Tom Ryan 11:55:11

Cairns 70.3

Jason Shields 4:37:02 8th 45-49

Brett O'neill 5:12:56 4th 60-64

Sarah Leigh 5:14:18 7th 35-39

Blake Taverna 5:33:41

Sharon Andronaco 6:18:00

Thrive Endurance Member Running For Ironman

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