Trail Running in Zion National Park, Utah

The first post in the Thrive-ing category is from my spring break of trail running in Zion. During spring break in March of 2015 A buddy of mine (Nick, the same one from the Cabo in Ironman) and myself explored Zion National park for 4 days. Let me tell you, It did not disappoint! Our week in Zion Day 1: Angel’s Landing and West Rim Trail (Garmin connect) Angel’s landing was absolutely…

ISM adamo attack

ISM Adamo Attack Review

Adamo Attack on top of the ISM food chain. Originally thought to be a road seat, it took the triathlon world by storm. What makes this seat so special, according to, is the narrowest rear section in their line of saddles. This allows for less rub of your thighs while riding. The unique nose-less design allows for increased  blood flow, decreased genital numbness and a healthier ride. Saddle Specs: Category: Performance…

lemon cubes in container

Lemon Energy Cubes: power on the go

Looking for some good healthy snacks to fuel you during your training sessions and races? Tired of the highly processed energy gels and cubes? During my longer training sessions and long races after being on the bike or running (or both) for hours my stomach would get upset/uneasy with those highly processed energy supplements. This has led my colleagues and I to come up with healthier options for all phases of nutrition….

TEC logo

What is Thrive Endurance Club?

Thrive is an endurance club created by physical therapists focusing on performance and injury prevention through an evidence based systematic approach. This is achieved through video analysis of biomechanics and physical assessment while integrating customized training programs and nutrition guidelines. Client counseling and sport specific education will be a further driving force to ultimately aid in the creation of a culture where individuals exercise because they love their body’s, not because…