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ULTRAMAN AUSTRALIA the ultimate endurance test

3 weeks to go to Ultraman Australia

What a huge weekend of training for our ULTRAMAN 2022 Team. The Easter long weekend came at the perfect time in our UMOZ prep. It was our final big training weekend and the team absolutely smashed it. This year we have 4 athletes toeing the start line. With 3 x 1st timer (Luke Barlow, Kylie Jones and Alanna Bullen) along with Markcus Brown going around for a 2nd year in a row.

The last 3 months training journey has been about Layering sessions week in week out. Every week has aiming towards being able to put this huge feet together. The last 3 weeks have been huge for the team in volume but more importantly in confidence building. This week the team completed a big 4 days training replica of what the event will be like. Easter weekend made this even easier with most being able to use the 2 extra to train and recover.

We can’t wait to see you all at the start line in 3 weeks and even more excited to see you at the finish on all 3 days. Time to taper now team and enjoy the nervous excitement.

Don’t just train when you can THRIVE

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