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Ultraman Australia competitor Markcus Brown

Last but not least in Thrive Endurance longest standing team member Markcus Brown. Markcus is returning to Ultraman Australia for a 2nd year running after coming home with the fastest double marathon last year event. We are super excited to see what he can deliver with another years experience under his belt.

Why Ultraman?

After completing ironman I looked for the next endurance challenge, as these events appear to suit me and I love the opportunity to involve my crew (family and friends), along with racing in a small participant field over multiple days, allowing me to get to know more athletes on a personal basis.

Why thrive endurance ?

Having been with thrive for many years now I have learnt the racing format that best suits me and that I enjoy; being endurance events. I couldn't have achieved this without Jason's customised program that suits my shift work, and is sustainable over the long months between events.

Favorite training sessions ?

I always enjoy the brick sessions as I know the taper and racing is just around the corner. I have more recently become a fan of the long distance swims also.

What has surprised you about your training ?

I have been impressed with how the body adapts with the increased load, along with being able to recover day in, day out, after long rides, but especially long Maffetone runs.

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