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Ultraman Australia competitor Luke Barlow

Why ultraman?

Well I really wanted to do an Ironman. Would get 1/2 way through the training and say I can’t do this event because all the Oceania events were in the middle of either harvesting or seeding. I’ve had a fascination with ultraman since Jason did it and I just thought it was impossible for anyone like me to even dream of it. Again, right in the middle of seeding. But you know what, if I keep saying I can’t, then I never will. It was Jason who suggested ultraman and that was really all I needed, just one person who believes you can do something is quite powerful and at times it’s all it takes. If I got one shot at training for an endurance event and it was totally going to upset my family and farm life for over a year, then it may as well be for an epic event. Ultraman ticks many of these boxes.

Why thrive?

Have been with thrive since 2017 leading into my first challenge Shepparton. Again, with my farming getting in the way of solid blocks of training both chris and jason have been able to tailor a program that works for me and specific events. I still remember asking chris if he could get me ready for a trail marathon in 6 weeks after sitting on a tractor for 6 weeks. Well we got there and was a fine example of specific workouts for individual goals.

Favourite training sessions?

Open water swimming, swimming in the Murray, swimming in the ocean and swimming. Oh, and swimming. I’m not the fastest out there, but it is when I’m at my most relaxed. Day one ultraman is like a match made in heaven for me and I can’t wait.

What has surprised me about training?

Biggest surprise is how I managed to get it all done. The blocks just kept getting longer but somehow not really noticeable until they were completed and you sit and think. Did I really just do that. The fatigue management was perfect because I didn’t really feel any different until the rest week came along. Funny how your brain gets use to the workload and it’s only when it switches down a gear then the body says I’m tired. To get through all that, without any injury as well, is another testament to the thrive coaching approach. The 48 year old body has had an engine overhaul without blowing up the gearbox and diff. As I mentioned before, heading into the week before ultraman, I still can’t believe that someone like me could even dream of getting to this point. However with an expert training plan provided from an ultraman himself, I know I’m ready for this once in a lifetime event. It’s now or never, let’s get on with it.

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