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Thriving Race Results at Challenge Shep

What an amazing weekend the #thriveteam had at Challenge Shepparton. We had 1st timers taking on the challenge at every distance. We had podiums galore and massive PBs. Most off all everyone walked away with their head high and happy with there achievements. Special mention to our 1st timers Simon Mason, Rebecca Cladingboel, Jacob Collins & Tom Hung. Rebecca in her 1st ever half distance walked away with 2nd and recording a time of 4:40:00 WOW. Also 3 huge PBs to Rod Armstrong, Blake Taverna and Fiona Cameron proving that follow the process and results will follow. There are no short cuts to success.

Challenge Shepparton

Jason Shields - 4:20:24 4th 40-44

Luke Barlow - 5:02:10 PB

Rod Armstrong - 5:20:36 28min PB

Blake Taverna - 5:22:47 22min PB

Simon Mason - 5:40:57 1st timer

Rebecca Cladingboel - 4:41:19 2nd 30-34 1st timer

Fiona Cameron - 6:06:10 24min PB

Challenge Shepparton Team

Thrive Chicks - 5:11:41 1st F thriveteam

HSW - 5:21:05 2nd thriveteam