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Thriving Race Results

Literally flying down the finish shoot

Yesterday we saw #thriveteam very own Becca Fellows take on IM UK. Becca is one of our #overachievers in life as she tries to live out her dream of being a Horse surgeon. She is currently completing an internship at the world renowned LIphook equine hospital. For most people this would be more than enough but not for Becca she has some big triathlon goals which she tries to squeeze in, in her limited spare time. After some trouble with run injury 12 months ago she has concentrated on rehab and strength for the last 12 months and ran home in a 3 45 marathon yesterday after the hardest IM bike course on the planet. Sometimes luck just doesn't go your way being in the 25 -29 A/G they had 3 out of the top 5 A/G females overall. Any other A/G Becca would have picked up her first IM podium. A massive breakthrough for Becca as she get 1 step closer to her dreams.


Becca Fellows 12:23:00 6 th 25-29 16th Overall

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