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Thriving Race Results

Cairns IM turns on an amazing event again. The #thriveteam had 2 athletes take on the full distance at Cairns on Sunday. Megan Webber led the way finishing her 10th IM event. What an amazing feat that is, congratulations Megan and hopefully there is still many more finishes to come. Blake Taverna was our 2nd athlete taking on his 1st IM. Blake had an amazing day enjoying and soaking up every moment. I don't think there was 1 min of the 13 hour we didn't see him with a huge smile from ear to ear. Maybe it was lucky we didn't get to see him for the last 30km head wind on the bike from Palm Cove. Congratulation Blake and welcome to the IM finishers club. We also had 3 #thriveteam enjoying the half distance as well. We saw Christo Jacobie finish with a 35 min PB. What makes this even more impressive was this was just a training race as he leads into Canada UM in 6 weeks time. This is a real credit to Christo's dedication to consistency. Over the last 9 months he has been part of the thriveteam and we cant wait to see what he can do at Canada UM. Darren McKemmish completed his 1st 70.3 race in flying colours, only 3 months ago he was wondering if it was even possible. Out on course we had Coach Chris practicing what he preaches with a great well paced consistent race.

Back in Victoria we had the girls taking on the crazy Wandi Cross trail race. The 27 km race which include 2250 elevation saw Bek Cladingboel go from strength to strength as she hunted down the leaders to run into 3rd position by the finish. Wendy McHugh completed the 14 km in her 1st ever trail run. Both girl are still hobbling around 4 days later just to show how gruelling this event really is. We also saw Fiona Cameron run a Park run PB. What makes this so special is this is the fastest Park run in over 3 years and basically off only long slow IM training runs. This is a credit to Fiona and her trust in the process and deservingly now seeing the rewards from her patience and consistency

Cairns Ironman Megan Webber 12:06:02 10th IM Blake Tavern 13:00:46 1st timer

Cairns 70.3 Chris Pye 5:16:52 Christo Jacobie 5 29.56 PB 35min Darrren McKemmish 6:38:56 1st timer

Wandi Cross 27 km Rebecca Cladingboel 4:42:00 3rd Female

Wandi Cross 14 km Wendy Mchugh 2:53:00 9th Female

Shepparton Park run Special Mention

Fiona Cameron 0:24:14 PB

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