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How will you Qualify for Taupo 70.3 2020

Here in Australia we are lucky to have the 2020 World Championships so close to home, with the race scheduled to take place on the 28th & 29th November 2020 in Taupo New Zealand.

With so many people wanting to qualify and only limited slots available, have you asked yourself what will be the best approach be to get one of the golden tickets.

Some of the things that you might need to consider whilst dreaming of qualifying for this race are:

- how many slots are available in the qualifying race

- should you focus your attention later in the season (when possibly the top age groupers have already qualified, giving you more opportunity)

- does the race you are considering have added slots available (like the Women for Tri slots)

- have you considered racing overseas - where the slots might roll down

- is the race on the same day as an Ironman where top age-groupers might be racing and chasing a Kona slot rather than a 70.3 slot

- is the race on the same day or close to another championship race where the top age groupers might be focussed on the other event

- are you better focussing your attention on 1 or 2 races, or should you race as many as possible hoping to get lucky

- what courses might suit your strengths best

- is it a popular location, or do people have to travel along way to get there

- choosing the race that will realistically fit into your life and training schedule

At Thrive Endurance we take all of these factors into consideration, giving the athlete what we believe to be the best opportunity to live their dream.

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