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IronMan do you have what it takes?

Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, & run 26.2 miles. No matter what anyone ever says, the Ironman is truly one of the most difficult tasks one person can undertake. To finish under 17 hours is an accomplishment one should be proud of. There are so many factors that can influence how race day goes. What’s the weather like? Is it hot? Cold? Rainy? Windy? Did you fuel your body properly and at the right times?

There is no telling how our body is going to react to the grueling distance. While one race you may feel great, another your head may be spinning, body aching, and you can be dealing with some intolerable pain.

There’s no feeling like the start of an Ironman. You’re full of excitement, doubt, uncertainty. Will you be able to make it today? Will your body do what you’ve trained months and months for? Will you hear the glorious words you are an Ironman at some point in the day or will you have to drop out early and prepare for another race. There’s not too many other things like it.

Most of us can finish a workout and push through pain for 5 more min, or do one more rep. Here’s a question though, how many of us can swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 and then have the will power and mental tenacity to get off the bike and run a marathon. The feeling of exhaustion knowing you have to run a marathon after already competing the other two can be heartbreaking and a spirit killer.

If you haven’t thought about doing an Ironman, you should start. There’s no better feeling of accomplishment of pushing yourself to do something you thought was impossible. Being an Ironman is something that can’t be described, only felt. At some point during the race you have to dig deep and go somewhere you’ve never gone before. You have to fight those demons in your mind and the devil on your shoulder. You have to have relentless forward motion and have already convinced your mind that no matter the pain it takes you’ll push on till you finish.

So I have one question. Do you have what it takes?

Tag those you know that embody the spirit and soul of an Ironman!

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