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Game Changer Part 3 How do you think about food?

We believe this is the biggest problem that has been created in Western Society. Whenever someone talks about wanting to lose a few kilos or trying to get healthy, 90% of the time the diet mentality comes into to play. You may say 'and what is the problem with that?' Well so many people have such an emotional attachment to food. Ever since most of us were young, food has been used as a reward or comfort. 'Oh, you got an A at school, you can have an ice cream." "Someone has been picking on you, it's ok lets get McDonlads that will make you feel better." You think that sounds dumb, but we all know its true. Now if we use the diet mentality is basically sabotaging your thought about food. Its a thought process that makes food out to be the enemy, as usually it has been our comfort or reward. So to go on a diet is punishment which in turn makes it highly unlikely you will stick to. Which is worse if you fail we then turn to food to comfort us. Everyone knows what diet is and unfortunately with great marketing we are being sold the thought that diet food is good for us. Really do we think any of these options are sustainable in the long run. My take is, the more the marketing try to convince you, usually the more you should avoid.

does anyone really believe this is healthy?

What if on the other hand we thought of health when we think of food. Really, healthy food doesn't need fancy marketing as we know its good for us. If we start to believe, "I'm eating like this because I feel better," Change the thought about food to Recovery and Fuel rather than reward or comfort. Find real food options that you enjoy and once you move away from the processed food your taste buds will change. If you start to eat real Whole Foods as close to their natural source (unprocessed) as possible your body will start to Thrive. A great way to think is, your a 'nutritarian'. Only eat nutrient dense food, all other food is a waste of calories. A quote I heard from (Phil Mafatone) I love was "there no such thing as junk food" its either food or its junk. Next time your in the smoko room and everyone else is eating cakes and some one says "oh look, they're being good" just say "no, Its just that I don't need to eat junk".

Im pretty confident we all know this is healthy

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