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Game Changer (Fact or Fiction)

Well I don't think I have talked to a single person in the last month that doesn't have an opinion on the new documentary. The producers have done a great job of giving their viewers a lot of shock value. I have decide that I'm personally going to give this plant based diet a go until the end of the year and see what my own personal experiences are. I must admit I have been on the real food journey for over 3 years now and eat a majority of a plant based diet, so really the only change for me will be swapping out animal protein for plant based protein. I think I will be a great candidate as I have 4 years of good blood works data and a really good set of bench mark performance data to compare with. I'm definitely not sold on the idea that eating good quality animal protein is as bad for you as they seem to try and highlight in the documentary. Prior to my Real Food Journey, I had for 3 years, argued that a high refined carbohydrate diet is the best for performance, as that is what the science was telling us, and proving myself totally wrong. Im never going to knock something until i try it for myself ever again. I'm looking for the health and performance benefit and staying out of the ethical and sustainability debates. Stay tuned for my update on how this is going along the way.

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