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At thrive endurance coaching we love supporting local clubs and events

Thrive endurance coaching might offer online triathlon coaching but that doesn't mean we don't support local clubs and event. We believe the for us to be the best triathlon coaches we need to support and work with local club for the sport to grow and prosper. That's why we are actively involved with both the Shepparton and Noosa Triathlon club. What do we do to support these local clubs? We run weekly free training session for the club members. If your interest to learn more about these session contact us or either the Shepparton or Noosa tri club.

Sheppaton Triathlon Club

Indoor Bike Session

Tuesday 5 45pm trainer supplied

Run Session

Thursday 5 45

Noosa Triathlon Club

Social Ride no drop for all levels

Sunday 6 am


Outstanding Performances

Well if you ever had any doubt that consistency is the key to success we have a story for you. Simon Mason is a true credit to the thrive endurance coaching. While he has been following a 1/2 ironman coaching focus. Simon has repeated the reward of consistency and building a big base. He has shown you can get faster with age as he once again improved his 5 km PB. Simon has been working with thrive endurance coaching for over 4 years now and he has seen improvements year in year out.

Also around the trap we had Bassam Hallak supporting his local swim event Swim Apollo Bay. Jason Shields and Sarah Leigh both competed in the Shepparton tri club annual Good Friday handicap run. That what we love about our team. We all love supporting our local club and events. Next time you see a local event join in without us supporting the events cant survive.

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