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Maichel David
Apr 10, 2022
In General Discussions
How long has it been since you were so engrossed in your work that you didn't look up at the industry environment you are in? The rhythm of today's industry is developing rapidly. If you relax for a few days, you may not know "what year is it today". Whether it is a product or an operation, it is very important to have an understanding of the industry, market, and users. It can not only help you find new seed users, new product ideas, but also gain insight into industry trends and changes in user needs. The editor spent two days looking for more than 100 latest industry reports, selected 30 of them, and shared them with everyone. I hope everyone can Fax List stop occasionally and look up at the world. See the end of the article for how to get it. 30 latest industry reports include Industry Research Reports 15+ latest industry research reports on live e-commerce, mobile advertising, smart kitchen, online education, short video, retail consumption, social media under the epidemic, third-party payment, fashion and beauty, Internet entertainment market, etc., Take you to understand the whole picture of emerging industries And the latest trends in popular industries. consumption report The 2020 China Post-epidemic Era Retail Consumption Insight Report, the 2020 China MPV Automobile Market Consumption Insight Report, and the 2020 User Consumption Index Trend Report under the Affected by the Epidemic, etc., will take you to appreciate the changes and rise and fall of major consumer markets. Smart Economy Report The 4 smart economic reports authoritatively released by Ali and KPMG will give you insight into the forefront from the four dimensions of smart technology, smart manufacturing, smart organization, and knowledge division of labor.