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Md Delwar Hossain
Apr 10, 2022
In General Discussions
A few days ago, Xianyu brand strategy was upgraded, and three major businesses were launched: "Worry-Free Shopping", "Playing Community" and "New Offline". Prior to this, Aihuishou, a player in the vertical field of second-hand 3C, announced that it would replace "Aihuishou" with "All Things Reborn" as a new group brand. From brand upgrade to specific special database business field layout, Xianyu seems to be more and more "collapsing shirts" with Aihuishou in the second-hand 3C part. From the perspective of Xianyu's new offline strategy, the essence is that after Xianyu's online traffic is sufficient, it begins to try to improve the offline ecology. And uses the Xianyu station to cut into the hinterland of love recycling. Earlier, Zhuanzhuan, which ranked the top two in the 3C field of second-hand mobile phones, merged with Zhuangjianji, which directly fixed the pattern of the second-hand 3C field. In this way, Aihuishou is facing a new offline war and traffic anxiety. 1. Under the heavy warehouse line, Aihuishou special database can hardly hide the hidden worries of lack of traffic and lack of C-end users In the field of second-hand e-commerce, the mainstream players are Xianyu and Zhuanzhuan, and in the vertical fields, there are looking for beautiful machines, love recycling, recycling treasure, etc. But after 2019, the trend of duopoly became more and more obvious. According to the "2019 China Second-hand E-commerce Development Report", the penetration share of Xianyu accounted for 70.7%, and Zhuanzhuan accounted for 20.2%. The combined user share of the two reached more than 90%, leaving the cake for other special database players. Not much. Unlike Zhuanzhuan and Xianyu, which are comprehensive second-hand e-commerce players with huge online traffic advantages, Aihuishou, which started out with a mobile phone recycling business, focuses on offline stores. Since 2013.