Men's Sleeveless Vision



The Zone3 Men’s Sleeveless Vision is an eco-friendly wetsuit, utilizing recycled components to lower the Co2 imprint. Inspired by our Vanquish range, the Vision retains a tight fit while providing full flexibility for the wearer. The suit is coated with SpeedfloTM to provide a low drag, and a smoother swimming experience. The sleeveless model is even more flexible, allowing for extra reach in the water.

  • Highest rated entry level wetsuit on the market with over five years of fantastic customer and industry reviews.
  • Eco Friendly Neoprene; utilising the latest earth mined limestone and scrap rubber tires helps us to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200g per suit.
  • New and improved Flex-Fit shoulder panel layout with Free Flex lining on the underarm for extra reach in the water.
  • High quality materials and features not normally seen at this price point.
  • Focus on comfort and fit with features such as laser cut collar design.

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