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Ultraman competitor Kylie Jones

We are super excited to introduce Kylie Jones our 2nd Thrive Endurance athletes taking on Ultraman 2022. Kylie joined our team a little under 12 months ago once she decided to give UM a crack this year.

Why Ultraman?

Because I can! I am a 3 times breast cancer survivor and I’m still here…so why not live life to the fullest!

Why Thriveendurance?

I love their training philosophy! Why just train when you can thrive! Could not agree more with this! I have loved working with Chris as my coach, an Ultraman himself! A weekly plan is given that fits around your life and weekly feedback to keep you on track.

Favourite sessions? Not the lake swimming All of them! I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and have loved how my fitness and confidence have increased!

What has surprised you about your training? Not doing massively long runs…just timed ones all working in zone 1/2…feel like I could run all day now!

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