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Game Changer Part 6 Vegan, Paleo, Low fat, Low Carb which is the flavor of the month?

In western society these days in the food space there is so much noise, it’s more than just confusing. Depending on what you read or listen to this month generally it will contradict what you heard a month or 2 before. We have all heard the too good to be true, cut this out of the diet and you will shred that un wanted fat, Sadly we are looking for the magic silver bullet just like those info commercials we have all seen on TV advertising something that just sounds too good to be true, but, at least once, we have all probably been sold and bought in, only to then find out it was just all marketing.

I have delved into nearly all the Diets that have ever been out there and over the time this is the main thing I have learnt. If you look at any of them they all fundamentally have 1 key thing in common. Their foundation is all made up from real food. They have their opinion or should we say “cult” beliefs about which food group is the bad guy but on a whole they all have the same principles just eat real food. We get caught up in a certain food being the bad guy we go out of our way to replace, when sometimes the alternative could be as bad or worse. What happens is, industry gets their hands on the new craze and start to produce a (junk food) option that fit the banner no matter if its Paleo, Vegan, Low fat or so on, and the ingredient to fit the foundation of real food where the diet originated from.

Which foods here ingredients do you know is real food ?

Another sad fact about western society is if we do decide to try and become a healthier person and eat real food and not junk this is seen to be extreme. Over the time, if I have eaten junk food or something we all know is not particularly good for us, no one has ever said anything to me as its really just classed as the norm. As soon as your not eating the cakes and biscuits at the smoko room or your saying no thanks to some processed crap, people are starting to worry you must have an eating disorder. I’m not really sure why, but to me this actually makes no sense, we live in a world that people are sick from eating too much processed junk more than under eating and malnourished but our main focus is on the latter.

Here are my top tips for what ever way you choose to eat, as everyone is different and tolerate different food. I like to say I’m a nutritarian. I only eat food that are nutrient dense, so 95% of your food should come from close to its natural source as possible full of all their natural nutrients. As soon as big industry gets involved it all becomes about making a product as cheap as possible and stripping out the nutrients and spending the money on branding and marketing to suck us in to believing it healthy. A classic example of this is the very small health food section in the supermarket. If this is the health food what are all the other isle made up of. The reality is generally this isn’t even healthy food, the fresh fruit, vege and meat section should be marked as the health food. Generally the food we eat shouldn’t be manufactured or processed so it shouldn’t have a label of ingredients on it because we actually know what it is. If it does have a label and you don’t know what the ingredients listed are really it probably isn’t food.

So in all don’t worry about don’t get caught up in the last 5 % you need to cut out on the latest craze. Keep it simple, find which real whole food you do enjoy and you can imagine eating for the rest of your life and stick to it and chance are you will be 95% better off.

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